Leak of the Week: City of Jackson


The City of Jackson, responsible for a surface water treatment plant serving 2,340 connections and providing water to the Breathitt County Water District, encountered an unexpected issue—a persistent water leak that posed difficulties for the City.

Danny Joe made a visit to the Jackson Municipal Water Works to check on the system's operations. The initial plan was to excavate the area along the water line to pinpoint the leak, but this would have caused extensive damage to the customer's property. Using an acoustic listening device, Mr. Stinson and the City of Jackson Staff chose a spot to dig at the perimeter of the sunken earth. They surveyed the area, searching for any subtle signs that could lead them to the leak. Their attention was drawn to a slightly sunken section of ground near the customer's meter across the road where water was visibly seeping. After just two scoops with the excavator, water became visible. Danny Joe had successfully helped the City of Jackson uncover a 15-gallon-per-minute leak, buried approximately three feet below the initial dig spot.

Typically, hiring a contractor for leak detection could cost a substantial $3,000 per day. However, the need to excavate the entire service line was eliminated, resulting in an estimated savings of $500 in reduced time and costs. In total, the system saved a total of $3,500!

This story showcases the vital partnership between KRWA and local communities, delivering clean water while proving that every saved dollar makes a difference! Is your utility ready to take the spotlight in our next "Leak of the Week" feature? Contact Savannah Goad, Marketing & Business Development Coordinator, at s.goad@krwa.org