Legislative Liaison

Legislative Liaison

2022 Session - Week Three

Budgets, vetoes, and overrides– the third week of this young General Assembly featured the passage of the House budget and two lightning-fast overrides of the Governor’s veto of the legislature's new House and congressional plans. Before the Senate President and House Speaker’s signatures were dry on the overrides, the Kentucky Democratic Party filed suit to throw out the Republican plans. As a backstop, a House Republican lawmaker filed an In-Case-of-Emergency-Break-Glass bill that would move the candidate filing deadline and 2022 primaries back several months if the court rules in a manner requiring a change. 

House Budget: LINK to House GOP Budget Package   LINK to Governor’s Budget Package

On Thursday – just the 12th day of session – the House budget package was moved out of the Appropriations and Revenue Committee and off the House floor. House A&R Chairman Jason Petrie, with the support of his Vice-Chair Brandon Reed and the Budget Review Subcommittee Chairmen, meticulously described the intent behind, and the new spending within, the proposed $103 billion, biennial spending plan (note that much of the total state budget is funded through federal dollars and restricted funds; state general fund is $27 billion over the next two fiscal years).

Perhaps the biggest point of discussion during the committee hearing was what is not spent in this proposal. The House plan keeps an estimated 42-days of state revenues (approximately $1.5 billion) in the state’s budget reserve trust fund, in addition to $1.142 billion in unappropriated funds. Chairman Petrie took the opportunity to state that the legislature has no inherent right to the people’s money, setting the predicate to potentially return excess dollars to Kentuckians directly. Before Kentuckians plan to cash in on this potential windfall, Chairman Petrie admitted that this is the first step in a lengthy budget process, and that there remains the goal of comprehensive tax reform and other appropriations measures moving through the legislature that just don’t fit within the context of HB1.

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Kentuckians have many ways to keep in touch with the legislative process, including the Legislative Record webpage, which allows users to review and track a bill’s progression through the chambers. Citizens can also share their views on issues with lawmakers by calling the General Assembly’s toll-free message line at 1-800-372-7181. Citizens with hearing impairments can use the TTY Message Line at (800) 896-0305.

KRWA Legislative Tracking Report - January 24 2022

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Keeping up with the Legislature has never been easier! The state has updated its Legislative website. From this site, you can view all bills and resolutions, contact legislators, by email and check on legislative committee schedules and calendars. You can reach a legislator in person by calling 502-564-8100 (not toll-free).

The toll-free meeting schedule information line is 1-800-633-9650. The toll-free message line is 1-800-372-7181, to leave a message for a legislator or an entire committee. The TTY message line is 1-800-896-0305. En Espanol, el nombre es 1-866-840-6574. The toll-free bill status number is 1-866-840-2835.

Every issue of e-Liaison will contain summary information for each bill that we track with a section that details the most recent activity with the bill. We will continue to highlight timely legislative news that is important to our members in each issue. If you would like to suggest that we add a bill to the e-Liaison for tracking, please contact KRWA. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to the bill summary on the LRC’s website.

The Kentucky legislature convenes in regular session on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January for 60 days in even-numbered years and for 30 days in odd-numbered years. It convenes in special sessions at the call of the governor.

The Kentucky Constitution mandates that a regular session be completed no later than April 15 in even-numbered years and March 30 in odd-numbered years.

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