Hawkins Apprenticeship Scholarship


We are pleased to announce the Hawkins, Inc. Apprenticeship Scholarship in support of the NRWA Apprenticeship Program through State Rural Water Affiliates (SRWA) and their utility members. Hawkins, Inc. has long been a supporter of our industry, and the NRWA Apprenticeship Program by providing scholarships at the state level. This scholarship, however, specifically supports smaller utility systems that might not be able to participate in apprenticeship without this support. Hawkins, Inc. is sponsoring five (5) $3000 scholarships to be used for costs associated with apprenticeship. These scholarships will be available to utility systems meeting the eligibility requirements on behalf of an existing or future apprentice.

Official Rules:

  1. An eligible utility is a sewer or water system that meets the following requirements:
    1. A member in good standing with their State Rural Water Association (SRWA).
    2. Either has signed a Participating Employer Agreement with the SRWA, or agrees to sign the Participating Employer Agreement, by doing so, agrees to abide by the SRWA Standards of Apprenticeship.
    3. Eligible system serving population of 2500 or less; and/or: USDA- 80% or less of SMHI

2.     An eligible system does not have to have an apprentice placed at the time of selection but agrees to have an identified apprentice within six months of the award.

3.     The utility/system is responsible for completing the scholarship application on time.

To apply for the Hawkins Apprenticeship Scholarship, please download the form and complete the information and essays, then submit it via the application form on the NRWA website. Applications are due December 31, 2023, no exceptions. Applications will be reviewed by the NRWA Scholarship Committee and recipients notified via email.