Interested in having a bathymetry survey?


On Tuesday, October 3rd, Kentucky Rural Water Association (Chloe Brantley, Source Water Specialist), West Liberty Water Company (Ray Adkins, Superintendent), and Kentucky Division of Water (Chip Zimmer, Wesley Turner, Ryan Parks, and Will Goodman) enjoyed a beautiful fall day while doing a bathymetry survey of the intake for the West Liberty Water Treatment Plant on Cave Run Lake near the Poppin Rock Boat Ramp due to sedimentation and associated treatment issues. 

Bathymetry is widely used to refer to any type of underwater topographic survey and bathymetry survey projects can include rivers, streams, and lakes. Bathymetry is the underwater equivalent of land topography. There are multiple ways to conduct bathymetric surveys and the Division of Water has a YSI rQPOD Remote Surface Water Vehicle that has been outfitted for bathymetry for projects in Kentucky! 

If any Kentucky Rural Water Association members are interested in having a bathymetry survey of their source waters and/or associated intake structures, please contact Chloe Brantley at or 859-433-9803 with any questions or to be added to the list for requests!