Utility Optimization

The Utility Optimization Program is a joint effort of the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA), the Kentucky Division of Water, and the Kentucky Rural Water Association. The primary goal of the Utility Optimization Program is to provide a mechanism in which small water systems, serving less than 10,000 populations, can achieve and maintain technical, financial, and managerial capacity.

This innovative Utility Optimization Program provides a means for KRWA to use teams of proven leaders within the water industry to assess and evaluate the management and operations of water utilities. The teams are made up of KRWA staff and other water professionals who travel to the utility to make on-site determinations of the utility's strengths and weaknesses. Observations and findings are compiled in a report with corresponding recommendations for the board and management to consider. Technical assistance is then coordinated and rendered according to the needs specified in the report. KRWA has a full-time employee to coordinate these efforts and follow up with technical assistance.

Through the Utility Optimization Program, Kentucky Rural Water Association will also develop courses designed to help the board members and managers of Kentucky's water and wastewater utilities perform their duties at the highest level. These courses will be available for presentation at utility board meetings, at special meetings, or over the Internet. Education is vital in preparing individuals to become leaders equipped to face future challenges and opportunities in the water industry.

Any drinking water system with a population less than 10,000 can request to participate in the Utility Optimization Program.

UOP Forms for Download