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Who We Are

Kentucky Rural Water Association serves a vital role as an EPA Technical Assistance Provider, playing a key role in supporting and enhancing the environmental efforts within the state. As a designated provider, KRWA leverages its expertise to offer valuable technical assistance to communities and organizations in navigating and complying with EPA regulations. Through our specialized knowledge and commitment to sustainable water practices, we contribute significantly to the overall improvement of water quality and environmental standards in Kentucky. This pivotal role underscores our dedication to fostering a resilient and environmentally conscious community while ensuring that water resources are managed effectively and in accordance with EPA guidelines.

What We Do

KRWA offers a variety of services to support and improve water-related infrastructure in Kentucky communities.  Our core services encompass water distribution, ensuring the reliable supply of clean water, and wastewater treatment to manage environmental impact responsibly. Additionally, the association provides technical assistance to address operational challenges and enhance efficiency. To further empower communities, KRWA offers training programs that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective water management. Through these integrated services, the association plays a vital role in sustaining and advancing the water systems that underpin the well-being of rural Kentucky.

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