Financial Services

The Kentucky Rural Water Finance Corporation (KRWFC) has offered low-cost financing to its members since 1994. Currently, we provide interim construction loans in conjunction with USDA Rural Development projects through our Interim Finance Program. Other short- and long-term financing options for almost any capital project that a utility member my need can be met through the Flexible Term Finance Program.

Our program partners are:

  • Raymond James (Financial Advisor)
  • Rubin & Hays, Attorneys (Bond Counsel)
  • Regions Bank (Trustee)

Kentucky Rural Water Association has long been known for providing high quality technical assistance and training to its water and wastewater utility membership. But did you know that KRWA also offers outstanding levels of assistance to its members financial and management needs?

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Finance Programs

The Kentucky Rural Water Finance Corporation was established in 1995 to help our member utilities with their short-term and long-term financial needs. All costs are included in loan payments.

  • Interim Finance Program
    Loans for construction projects with USDA-RD long term financing takeouts.

  • Flexible Term Finance Program
    Loans for any eligible utility project with flexible terms (1 to 35 years), low interest rates, and a AA-rating (AAA with insurance).


Revenue Requirement

A basic analytical service to determine whether a utility has user rates adequate to meet the revenue requirements of the utility’s operations.

Cost of Service

A Cost of Service study is a comprehensive examination of the true and proposed costs associated with providing drinking water or wastewater services to your customers. Cost-based rates can only be achieved through a systematic approach to determining cost.

Rate Analysis

Through rate analysis our experts can design a rate or rates that meet your revenue requirements and spread the costs appropriately to the types of customers you serve.

Tariff Review/Revision

Staff will review existing tariffs (rules and regulations) on file with the Public Service Commission, recommend additions and updates, or prepare new tariffs according to the utility’s desires.

Purchase Water Adjustments

Staff will help prepare purchase water adjustments for utilities that have received increase from their wholesale water suppliers.

Customer Relations/Satisfaction

We can help your utility with customer education efforts, customer relations, and even help design satisfaction surveys to gauge the opinions of your customers.

Regulatory/Legal Assistance

The Kentucky Rural Water Association maintains an office in Frankfort to monitor the legislative and regulatory activities of the state. KRWA frequently becomes involved in matters of statewide legal importance affecting water and wastewater utility interest. Depending on specific legal needs, charges may apply.