Leak of the Week


It's time for another #LeakoftheWeek! This week, we shine a spotlight on the incredible teamwork between the City of Lynch's Water Operations Specialist, Chris O'Bradovich, and KRWA's Danny Joe Stinson.

Sunday morning, December 17, Mr. Stinson got an emergency call from Mr. O'Bradovich: Lynch's water tank lost all its water in just 30 seconds, affecting all 400 users. Despite being four hours away, Stinson provided crucial instructions to Obradovich to stabilize the system temporarily.

Upon Danny Joe's arrival, he and the system personnel used maps provided by Obradovich to assess the system. Identifying several looped lines as highly suspect areas for leakage, they initiated valve isolation to test each loop. After a few hours, a 6 ft split on the bottom of a 6" PVC line was discovered. Isolating the leak to a small area enabled the restoration of 99% of the system. The quick response and effective collaboration not only minimized the impact on the community but also prevented potential contractual costs of approximately $3,000 per day for this type of work.

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