Leak of the week


In this week's #LeakoftheWeek feature, we shine a light on the Magoffin County Water District. MCWD customers were experiencing water pressure issues, prompting General Manager, Dwayne Arnett, to put in extra hours to resolve the issue.

Despite the efforts, the cause of the problem remained unknown, leading Mr. Arnett to seek assistance from KRWA's Danny Joe Stinson. They thoroughly inspected the affected areas with system personnel, ruling out leaks in most sections and developing a plan for further investigation.

After a thorough assessment of the remaining area the next day, during which no leaks were found, Mr. Arnett began suspecting that a pressure-reducing valve (PVR) might be the issue. The initial thought of an $8,000 investment in a new PRV was reconsidered when Danny Joe found the existing PRV to be operational during the inspection.

The breakthrough came when a flow reading downstream of the PRV indicated only 100 gallons per minute – well below the system's capacity. Danny Joe suggested inspecting an inline screen upstream of the PRV. Their intuition proved right as a clogged screen was discovered. After cleaning it out, the flow in the area surged to over 500 gallons per minute, resolving the water pressure issue.

Magoffin County Water District, with the guidance of Danny Joe, not only saved potential costs of $8,000 on a new PRV but also avoided further expenses and complications down the road. Arnett estimated a significant cost savings of $10,000 in supplies and time. The total savings to the utility, facilitated by the technical assistance of Danny Joe over two days, amounted to an impressive $16,000.

This success story emphasizes the power of collaboration and experience in overcoming complex water system challenges. Does your utility have a success story to share? Reach out to Savannah Goad, our Marketing & Business Development Coordinator, at s.goad@krwa.org!🎉💧