GIS Manager - Lebanon Water

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Lebanon Water Works Company is seeking a qualified person to operate, update, and maintains Lebanon’s ArcGIS Online Organization; provides workflows to support field staff, creates trainings for staff, maintain GIS and GPS equipment, support monthly utility disconnects, and works with GIS Consortium members to support their AGOL organizations; assist Operations & Management Superintendent in administrative functions.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with Billing Staff to support Billing Dashboards including cutoffs
  • Work with Field Staff to support utilizing mapping in the field
  • Work with GPS Field Staff to support Real-Time GNNS collection in the field
  • Work with System Foreman to continue to update linework
  • Work with Marion County Fiscal Court to support Garbage, Bridges and Road projects
  • Work with City of Lebanon to support manhole mapping and inspections
  • Manage the GIS Consortium members and their AGOL needs
  • Manage ArcGIS Server and cloud server
  • Manage AGOL Organization
  • Manage local file geodatabases and GIS software installations


Training and Experience:

  • High School diploma or GED equivalency; Bachelor’s degree in GIS / Geography preferred; some college work may be accepted
  • Five years of GIS Experience
  • Four years’ experience within water/wastewater/gas field
  • Familiar with ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Desktop including ArcCatalog and ArcMap
  • Two years of GPS and field work experienced
  • ArcGIS Server install and maintenance
  • Manage AGOL Organization
  • Program with Python and Arcade
  • Can work and understand SQL views and queries
  • Experience creating Online and Offline maps with AGOL
  • Creating and maintaining AGOL Dashboards
  • Knowledge of Survey 123 and accessing surveys through Collector/Field Maps using Relates
  • Presentation Skills
  • Ability to create and perform small group trainings on AGOL and GPS mapping
  • Knowledge of Mapping grade GPS and Field Practices to map utilizing Differential Correction and Real-Time Correction
  • Or in the discretion of the Operations & Management Superintendent, any equivalent combination of experience and training, certifications or licenses which provides the knowledge and abilities necessary to perform the work


Please email resumes to Daren Thompson ( )