CCR and PN Certification Reminder


Today, over 90% of water utilities are submitting their MOR through e-Forms. However, far fewer are using the e-Forms system to submit other compliance documents like CCR and Public Notification certifications. Granted, these documents are a bit more cumbersome since you must be able to scan pages to a PDF. Electronic submission gives you a tracking record from the time your document is submitted to the time that it was received thereby avoiding a violation had your document been lost or arrived late through the mail.

When you upload a document through e-Forms be sure to use the same naming convention as you would for the MOR. When naming files for the CCR and PN certification the designation would look like; PWSID_CCR_MMYY and PWSID_PN_MMYY. This format helps Drinking Water Branch staff quickly assign your submission to the appropriate Rule Manager. Also, submitting your certification(s) early gives you time to make corrections should any issues arise before the compliance deadline. The Drinking Water Branch still offers CCR pre-review.

If you have trouble using the e-Forms system or would like to begin submitting documents online, you can call the KRWA office to request assistance.