Maintenance / Operator

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Princeton Water & Wastewater is accepting applications for the position of Maintenance / Operator  


Reports to: Maintenance Supervisor  

Nature of Job: Responsible for the general operation and maintenance of the distribution and collection system and its equipment and facilities. 

Essential Function includes but is not limited to: 

  1. Installation of water and sewer mains and services. 
  2. Emergency and non-emergency repairs to the distribution and collection system. (Main breaks, service leaks, etc.) 
  3. Service and maintain equipment and facilities which includes but is not limited to water plant, wastewater plant, pump stations, backhoes, trucks, etc. 
  4. Troubleshoot water and wastewater pump stations. 
  5. Reading meters manually and using A.M.R. system. Using and understanding the computer and software to collect data from meters. 
  6. Doing paperwork that relates to specific jobs completed. 
  7. Keeping a clean and safe work environment for you and others. 
  8. Be in a call rotation which will consist of being on call 24hrs a day for seven days. 
  9. And other duties as requested. 

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 

    Individual must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Person must have 

    mechanical skills and can learn quickly and efficiently. 

    Working Conditions: 

    This position will be operated outdoors 95% of the time. Persons must be able to work in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Person must be able to work in a confined space or in high locations. This position is labor intensive, and persons must be able to sustain these conditions. 

  1.  Dedicate oneself to consistent and excellent public service.
  2. Communicate in a positive, honest, and productive manner.
  3. Adherence (steady devotion)to high ethical standards.
  4. Take initiative to achieve excellence and accept accountability.
  5. Demonstrate a high regard for others.
  6. Be a team player to promote cooperative efforts, open communication, and trust. 
  7. Be punctual, dependable, and reliable.

    Licenses, certificates, registrations: 

    Must possess a Class II Distribution and a Class II Collection license or could pass certification Class once service time has been met.

Please Apply in person at Princeton Water & Wastewater Office located at 101 E. Market St. Princeton, Ky.  

James A. Noel


Princeton Water & Wastewater

101 E. Market St. - P.O. Box 231

Princeton, KY  42445

office: (270) 365-9301 cell: (270) 625-8961


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