Water Treatment Operator

Jobs & Classifieds,

City of Greensburg is seeking applications for Water Treatment Operator.

Job Description:

Assists in the daily operation and maintenance of the water plant, performs related work as required.  Operator III and IV may assume responsibility for water plant in absence of Superintendent.

General Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • Assists in the daily operation and maintenance of the water plant involving collection and distribution of water in compliance with established procedures and standards and general, state and local laws and ordinances.
  • Inspects and/or monitors pumps, charts, gauges, wells, tanks and meters daily.
  • Adds chemicals in accordance with prescribed standards; may assist personnel in collection of water samples; adjusts chemicals as necessary.
  • Prepares and maintains accurate reports/records; forwards water samples and reports as required.
  • Performs servicing requirements on plant and equipment; assists in maintaining preventive maintenance programs; makes minor repairs and/or adjustments to plant and equipment; forwards requests for major repairs and/or equipment and tools to supervisor.
  • Assists in maintaining adequate inventory of spare parts, chemicals, equipment and tools.
  • Assists in maintaining clean and neat plant and grounds.
  • Operator III and IV also inspect river intake and may dispatch water/sewer and customer service personnel when calls/complaints received after normal business hours.


Training and Experience: 

  • Graduation from high school or equivalent
  • Work experience acceptable by the Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet to have received a Class I (immediately upon completion of one year employment), II, III, or IV Water Plant Operators License.

Certification/Licensing Requirements:  

  • Must be able to obtain a Class III Water Plant Operator License issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky immediately upon completion of third (3rd) year of employment in the position; OR…
  • Possess a Class II, III, or IVA Water Plant Operator License issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid drivers’ license as a condition of continued employment.

Availability Requirement: 

  • Must be able to work irregular hours and assigned shift (currently only 1st shift and 2nd shifts, but subject to change)
  • Must be able to respond to calls in emergency situations at all hours.

Those interested in applying for the Greensburg WTP position should send an email to Mayor John Shuffett at: greensburgmayor@gmail.com