Meter Reader/Technician (Henderson, KY)

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Title of Position: Meter Reader/Technician
Department: Henderson County Water District
Date Reviewed:February 2024

Scope of Responsibilities: The meter reader is responsible for reading assigned water meters and recording water consumption via computer and physically reading some meters for the Henderson County Water District. Performs the maintenance to the meter pit and appurtenances. The individual is authorized to drive a district vehicle, and be responsible for the regular inspection and notifying the supervisor of any maintenance or repairs needed for this vehicle.

General Duties and Responsibilities: Duties consist of meter reading, changing water meters, working utility cut-off day, speaking with customers about problems found or as approached, assisting the field crew as needed to include: water leaks, flagging traffic, and other duties as assigned. Flexibility to work overtime and weekends. This position will also include working as the on-call person as part of that rotation with other employees. Also, any other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor and / or the Superintendent.

Desirable Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills: A meter reader should demonstrate significant knowledge of all phases of the District's operation. This individual should demonstrate the ability to interact with customers, should have the ability to walk long distances daily, understanding of water systems/leaks and the ability to inform the supervisor of suspected leaks. On-the-job training. Attend meter related schools and seminars.

Desirable Education/Qualification: Desirable education and/or qualifications include; high school diploma/ GED. A valid driver's license. Ability to work independently with varying amounts of supervision. Must pass drug test and background check.

Physical Demand: General labor, use required tools for the job, must be able to lift up to 100 lbs., 20/20 vision or correctable to 20/20, ability to walk long distances, sit, kneel, stand multiple times in a day's time, work in any and all-weather conditions and a variety of terrains.

Work Environment: Mostly outdoor work, in whatever the weather environment is.

Interested applicants should get an application by coming by the Henderson County Water District office at 655 S. Main Street in Henderson, KY 42420. Or by calling/emailing the Superintendent; Mark Julian at (270) 826-9802 or emailing