Leak of the Week: Harrison Co Water Association (HCWA)


HCWA serves and provides water to over 5,500 connections throughout Harrison County and portions of Bourbon, Nicholas, Pendleton & Scott counties. Nathan Fields, Manager at HCWA, recognized the need and requested follow-up assistance with water loss management and leak detection. In his recent work with the system, KRWA's Tim Blanton discovered that valve sealing issues were the main reason why HCWA staff couldn't find leaks.

In a four-day workshop, Tim provided hands-on training and skill-building for HCWA staff and management. The hands-on training covered essential skills like valve exercise, flushing techniques, and pressure management. The training went from the classroom to the field where five non-working valves were rehabilitated.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 720,000 gallons per month recovered

  • Unaccounted-for water loss reduced by 8%

  • Total savings: $15,912

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