City of Campton Water Plant Operator

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Request for Applications for the Positions of Water Plant Operator 

The City of Campton is currently accepting applications for the positions of Water Plant Operator. Duties of the positions include daily operation and maintenance of the City's water treatment plant.

All applicants should have a Class 3A water treatment plant operators license, and a valid driver's license.              Any applicant, prior to being employed by the City, shall successfully pass a drug test as a prerequisite to employment. The employee will work under the general supervision and direction of Water Plant Supervisor and the City Commission of the City of Campton.


Applicants need to possess a high school degree or equivalency. Previous work in a similar position is preferred but not required. A detailed job description of the position may be obtained from the Campton City Office upon request. The rate of pay shall be based upon the City of Campton's pay scale, as well as the applicant's work history and training which the applicant may have. The rate of pay is negotiable based on the experience and qualifications of the applicant. Any full time employee of the City of Campton is eligible for retirement and health insurance benefits through the City following the completion of an initial introductory period of employment. Applications should be picked up at the Campton City Office during regular business hours. All applicants need to fill out and submit an application to the City of Campton in order to be considered for employment. All applications, in order to be considered, must be returned to the Campton City Office by Friday June 3, 2022 at 3:00 PM. Anyone having questions regarding the position may contact the City of Campton at the Campton City Office at 606-668-357 4. The City of Campton is an equal opportunity employer.