Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)Lab Analyst/WWTP Operator

Jobs & Classifieds,

Georgetown Municipal Water & Sewer Service (GMWSS) will be accepting applications for the position of Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)Lab Analyst/WWTP Operator.  Excellent benefits package and salary offered.  Detailed job description and application forms may be obtained from Barb Bowman at 1000 West Main Street, Georgetown, Ky., and through the GMWSS website at www.gmwss.com.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  An application MUST be submitted.  A resume does not substitute for an application.  Passing a physical exam, drug/alcohol screening, and background check are conditions of employment.

Please send applications to:

Barb Bowman

Loss Control Administrator/HR Officer


P.O. Box 640

Georgetown, KY 40324






Class Title:      Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Lab Analyst/WWTP Operator

Department:  Operations/WWTP

Supervisor:     WWTP #2 Supervisor

Supervises:     Personnel Assigned to Lab


Class Characteristics: Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, performing analysis for the operation of all WWTPs, including permit related samples and analysis that meet the requirements of local, state and federal regulatory agencies.  Must maintain a certified lab status with the state of Kentucky including record keeping and laboratory equipment certification.  Must train plant personnel at all facilities on the proper maintenance of sampling equipment and procedures for taking field readings. Will be responsible for implementing pre-treatment program.  In addition to these duties, must be available to assist in the daily operation and maintenance of the wastewater plant; performs related work as required.


General Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Perform and interpret analytical tests and observations necessary to monitor and control the treatment process, including relating data to WWTP operators.
  2. Responsible for maintaining all applicable lab certifications, accreditations, or approvals to conduct compliance and process quality control work.
  3. Implements programs to ensure environmental compliance.
  4. Conduct sampling and/or analysis, as required, to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations for wastewater treatment.
  5. Prepare standard chemical solutions, reagents, stains, and media.
  6. Make calculations, keep records, and enter date of work performed.
  7. Perform or assist in performing surveys, laboratory experiments, and special projects to investigate unique problems and develop testing procedures and methods.
  8. Perform routine maintenance on laboratory equipment, glassware, and supplies, including general housekeeping; calibrate lab equipment.
  9. Supervise and train personnel assigned to the lab.
  10. Maintain inventory control of supplies and chemicals.
  11. Assists in the daily operation and maintenance of WWTP, including the treatment of wastewater in compliance with established procedures and standards, federal and state laws, and administrative regulations.
  12. Completes work required for WWTP Operator I – IV; attends training programs to obtain license at each level after meeting experience requirements.
  13. Implements Pre-treatment program; performs permitting, administrative, and enforcement tasks for discharges into the municipalities’ publicly owned treatment works (POTWs).
  14. Assists in other departments when needed.


Minimum Qualifications

Training and Experience

  1. Must have a college degree in Chemistry, Biology or related field.
  2. Two (2) to Four (4) years of experience in wastewater.
  3. Must have considerable knowledge of laboratory procedures.
  4. Must have considerable computer knowledge.
  5. Wastewater Operator License preferred, but not required.
  6. Kentucky Wastewater Laboratory Certification preferred, but not required.


Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  1. Extensive knowledge of federal and state lab standards and regulations.
  2. Regulatory knowledge of proper lab analytical testing methods.
  3. Must understand principles of wastewater treatment and be able to troubleshoot systems.
  4. Extensive knowledge of, and ability to comply with, safety regulations and standards.


  1. Perform a variety of testing and analyses of wastewater samples; interpret findings and determine validity of results.
  2. Review and evaluate documents related to department operations; observe, identify, and problem solve office operations and procedures; explain procedures and problem solve issues with staff.
  3. Sit or stand for extended periods of time; twist to reach equipment; lift or carry weight of 50 pounds or less.
  4. Understand and operate office equipment including computers and applicable software.
  5. Maintain regular attendance and adhere to work schedule.
  6. Communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  7. Exceptional ability to establish and maintain working relationships with other employees and federal and state officials.



Instructions:  Instructions are very general; must use own judgement and knowledge most of the time.

Processes:  Must occasionally consider different courses of action, or deviate from standard operating procedures, to complete a job.

Review of Work:  Completed work may be spot checked by superviors.

Analytical Requirements:  Assignments frequently involve decisions based on a wide knowledge of many factors where application of advanced or technical concepts is required.

Physical Demands of the Job:  Work requires sitting and standing with intermittent walking and stooping; must lift objects weighing no more than 50 pounds; some work      may be required to be performed outdoors regardless of weather conditions; must operate vehicle and equipment; may be required to use stairs or ladder.

Tools and/or Equipment Used:  Laboratory equipment, normal office equipment, safety equipment, vehicles

Contacts:  Regular contact with employees and supervisors from all departments.

Confidential Information:  Limited use of confidential information.

Mental Effort:  Moderate/Heavy

Interruptions:  Frequent

Special Licensing Required:  Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.

Certification Requirements: Wastewater Treatment License preferred; Kentucky Wastewater Laboratory Certification preferred.

Drug and Alcohol Testing:  Must participate in mandatory drug and alcohol testing as a condition of employment and continued employment in class.

Additional Requirements:  May be required to wear a respirator for which a person would need to be medically approved; must be able to wear a level B chemical suit for prolonged periods of time.

Overtime Provision:  Non-exempt