Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Trainee) Georgetown Municipal Water & Sewer

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Class Title:     Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Trainee)

Department:  Wastewater Treatment

Supervisor:    Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor

Supervises:   None.

Class Characteristics:  Under general supervision, assists in the daily operation and maintenance of the wastewater plant; performs related work as required.

General Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Assists in the daily operation and maintenance of the wastewater plant in compliance with established procedures and standards and federal and state laws and administrative regulations.
  2. Assists with inspection and/or monitoring of pumps, charts, gauges, and meters daily.
  3. Assists with collection of wastewater samples and conducting lab tests; adjusts chemicals and/or equipment as necessary.
  4. Adds chemicals in accordance with prescribed standards.
  5. Assists with preparation and maintenance of accurate reports/records.
  6. Assists with forwarding wastewater samples and reports as required.
  7. Assists with servicing and performing preventive maintenance program on plant and equipment; makes minor repairs and/or adjustments on plant and equipment; forwards requests for major repairs and/or equipment and tools to superiors.
  8. Assists with maintaining adequate inventory of spare parts, chemicals, equipment, and tools.
  9. Assists with maintaining and cleaning of plant and grounds.
  10. Attends training programs to obtain licenses at each level after meeting experience requirements.
  11. Assists in other departments as needed.

Non-Essential:  Receives all telephone calls to main office after office is closed; in cases of emergency, calls out maintenance crews and acts as a dispatcher if needed.


Training and Experience:  Education level acceptable by the Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet to receive Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators License up to Class IV within one year after meeting experience requirements at each step.

Special Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


  1. Knowledge of, or ability to learn, wastewater plant operations.
  2. Knowledge of, or ability to learn, federal and state laws and administrative regulations with reference to wastewater treatment.
  3. Knowledge of functions, servicing, and maintenance requirements of mechanical equipment and machinery.
  4. Knowledge of and ability to comply with safety regulations and standards.


  1. Ability to detect mechanical flaws and make minor repairs to plant and equipment.
  2. Ability to collect samples and perform lab tests.
  3. Ability to assist with maintaining preventive maintenance and servicing program on plant and equipment.
  4. Ability to prepare and maintain accurate reports.
  5. Ability to assist with maintaining inventory of chemicals, spare parts, and tools.
  6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with officers, other employees, and the general public.
  7. Physical ability to perform heavy labor for extended periods of time, often under adverse weather conditions.


Instructions:  Instructions are detailed and specific, covering all aspects of the work; instructions are more general after the employee learns each job.

Processes:  Work varies slightly; seldom required to take different, new, or unusual approaches in completing work assignments.

Review of Work:  Most completed work is reviewed until the employee learns each job.

Analytical Requirements:  Problems require analysis based on precedent.

Physical Demands of the Job:  Work requires sitting at a desk with intermittent standing, walking, stooping; must lift objects over 25 pounds; some work is performed outdoors regardless of weather conditions; must operate vehicle and equipment; required to be in high places; must use stairs and ladders as a job requirement.

Tools and/or Equipment Used:  Construction and/or mechanical tools and equipment (hand tools, power tools, etc.), laboratory equipment, normal office equipment (phone, computer, calculator, etc.), computerized chemical feeders, safety equipment, vehicles.

Contacts:  Occasional contacts with the public and employees or supervisors from other departments.

Confidential Information:  None.

Mental Effort:  Light.

Interruptions:  Few.

Special Licensing Requirements:  Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.

Certification Requirements:  As a condition of continued employment, must obtain Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators License issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky up to and including Class IV within one year after meeting experience requirements at each level.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements:  Must participate in mandatory drug and alcohol testing as a condition of employment and continued employment in the class.

Additional Requirements:  Must be able to respond to emergency situations at all hours.

Overtime Provision:  Non-exempt.