House Bill 272 Scheduled for Hearing

Legislative News,

Representative Josh Bray, (R-Mt. Vernon) is sponsoring House Bill 272 which would create a new section of KRS Chapter 278 to allow water districts and water associations to charge a late payment fee of 10% of the amount billed. This is a long-standing business practice for most businesses and utilities that is being specifically eliminated as an option in recent orders issued by the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Nearly all districts and associations have late payment penalties in their tariffs now. This bill, if it becomes law, would prohibit PSC from modifying, rejecting, or suspending late payment charges established by tariff.House Bill 272 is scheduled for a hearing before the House Local Government Committee on Wednesday, February 10 at noon EST. 

Please contact your Representative today in support of HB 272!

House Bill 303 (Santoro, Sal, R-Florence) has been introduced and would amend KRS 367.4903 to make several changes to Kentucky’s Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act of 1994. This bill has been signed-off on by KRWA and it does not include any language that would make membership mandatory in KY-811 for water and wastewater utilities.

The Kentucky Rural Water Association will not be hosting its annual Legislative Breakfast this year due to COVID-19 concerns.

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