Environmental Scientist III

Jobs & Classifieds,

  • Serves as a technical scientific advisor for Drinking Water Branch data management for compliance with Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) by providing technical oversight in creating/modifying/testing/troubleshooting of data management systems. Adds user accounts to servers and determines system privileges.
  • Analyzes data submitted from labs and public water systems (PWSs). Ensures data is uploaded correctly into appropriate databases. Provides reports and technical assistance as needed. Maintains databases by ensuring inventory updates are applied across database programs.
  • Coordinates the submission of data to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) within established time frames to meet federal and state reporting requirements. Assists with the analysis and management of geospatial data and associated databases for regulatory compliance.
  • Assists with preparing reports in order to respond to Kentucky Open Records Act (KORA) information requests from the general public or other staff. Creates and maintains standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all duties and processes. Recommends procedural changes necessary for the implementation of state and federal regulations.
  • Provides training to agency staff and regulated community. Provides guidance on data transmission and communication between programs. Provides evaluation and guidance on new and updated environmental programs. Attends applicable workshops and trainings.