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The City of Ashland is currently accepting applications for the position of ACCOUNTANT I-II
Finance Department
Supervisor: Assistant Finance Director
Supervises: Account II May Supervise Lower Classified Personnel
Pay Range: $22.623-$43.802/ hr

Class Characteristics: Under general direction, performs professional accounting work; responsible for the maintenance of specialized municipal financial records and systems.
General Duties and Responsibilities: Prepares professional accounting work for various city funds which complies with applicable principles, procedures, laws, regulations, and ordinances. Performs internal audits on various city accounts and processes. Updates and maintains financial records for grants, loans, amendments, budgets, and other documents. Prepares financial analysis and reports ensuring agreement with City’s accounting records. At fiscal year-end, calculates accruals, records fixed assets, calculates liabilities and closes fund in preparation for annual audit. Prepares various analyses, schedules and reports for auditors. Allocates expenditures for city utilities, insurance, telecommunications, inventory, etc. Prepares various types of financial reports for city management, staff, grants, or other reasons. Enters and updates relevant data into the computer system. Assists with preparation and review of budget including submission of budget to Government Finance Officers’ Association for consideration for budget award. Assists with contract management by maintaining files, checking compliance, and monitors payments. Completes periodic reconciliation for various city cash accounts, encumbrances, and other accounts. Prepare and review the comprehensive annual financial report for submittal to the Government Finance Officers’ Association (GFOA) and the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR). Assists with special projects for the department including grants and City programs. Performs Payroll and Accounts Payable duties as assigned. Assists with preparation and review of annual budget including, but not limited to, submission of annual budget to Government Finance Officers’ Association (GFOA). Serves as resource for staff related to financial statement questions or reporting. Monitors and maintains the issuance of City credit cards and payment of them.
Training and Experience: Accountant I: Bachelor’s degree in accounting supplemented by two (2) years accounting experience preferably in a public organization; AccountantII: Bachelor’s degree in accounting supplemented by four (4) years accounting experience preferably in a public organization with supervisory experience.
Certification/Licensing Requirements: Must be bondable.
Overtime Provision: Exempt.
Apply: A copy of the Bachelor’s Degree and valid driver’s license MUST accompany the application. Apply online at NO FAXED OR EMAILED APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED.
Closing Date and Time: October 14, 2021 at 12:00 P.M.

Equal Opportunity Employer