Monday , 18 December 2017
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HB 192 Passes the Senate!

HB 192 Passes the Senate!

This week saw ice, sleet and snow which forced a cancellation of legislative activities on Monday. The deadlines for new bills in the House and Senate also passed. Over 1,200 bills and resolutions have been introduced this Session, but only four bills have been signed into law by the governor.

Activity this week —

House Bill 192, sponsored by Brent Yonts, and relating to Special Purpose Governmental Entities (HB 1 clean-up bill) passed the Senate on Wednesday and has been sent to the governor for his signature. HB 192 has an emergency clause attached that will make it law effective immediately upon the governor’s signing.

Senate Bill 123 (PSC jurisdictional sewer utilities), sponsored by Senators Dennis Parrett and Mike Wilson, passed the Senate and will now move on to the House where it has been assigned to the Tourism Development and Energy Committee. SB 123 would repeal KRS 278.185 – Notification to customers of proposed rate change by sewerage corporations.

SB 123 places sewer utilities on the same footing as all other PSC jurisdictional utilities in terms of public notices for rate changes. Sewer utilities would still have to provide notice of rate increases to their customers like all other PSC jurisdictional utilities. KRWA has discussed this bill with the PSC, the Office of the Attorney General and others. To our knowledge there is no opposition to SB 123.

Please contact your Representative to ask for their support of SB 123. This bill is strongly supported by KRWA!

House Bill 381 was reported favorably out of the House Local Government committee this week with a surprising development. The bill would remove the representative from a “for-profit water company” (Kentucky-American Water Company) on the Board of the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority. The bill narrowly passed with a House Committee Substitute that replaces the for-profit water company with a representative submitted to the governor by the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation.

Last week, House Bill 494, sponsored by Rep. Martha Jane King, was introduced in the House. This bill relates to water commissions and would provide the flexibility for each regional water commission to provide wholesale water service to a non-member utility. There are currently five regional water commissions operating throughout Kentucky. Each would benefit from HB 494 and we encourage all members to voice their support to their state representatives and senators.