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Environmental Compliance Inspector; Financial Analyst; Fleet Services Supervisor

Environmental Compliance Inspector; Financial Analyst; Fleet Services Supervisor

Louisville Water Company is seeking applications for the following positions:

Environmental Compliance Inspector

Assists with the administration and enforcement of MSD’s federally mandated and approved Pretreatment Program, under the General Pretreatment Regulations, industry-specific Federal Categorical discharge limitations, Stormwater Regulations under EPA NPDES Programs, other applicable local, state or federal laws, the MSD Wastewater/Stormwater Discharge Regulations and MSD’s Consent Decree.  Assists in the administration and enforcement of the Metro Louisville Hazardous Materials Ordinance and other applicable local, state or federal laws pertaining to hazardous materials.  Drafts legally enforceable General Wastewater Discharge Permits (GDP).  Drafts legal enforcement instruments such as Correction Notices and Notices of Violation.  Inspects GDP facilities to ensure that facility sampling/monitoring locations are representative for the purpose of collecting samples for the Quality Charge Testing and Pretreatment Programs.  Reviews and approves Hazardous Material Spill Prevention and Control Plans and serves as a member of the Jefferson County Multi-Agency Hazardous Materials Response Team.  Inspects facilities to ensure that hazardous materials are stored properly and that adequate spill prevention and control measures are in place.  Participates in 24/7 on-call response to emergencies in the community involving hazardous materials spills and any discharges to the public sanitary, combined and/or storm sewer systems.  Investigates and documents facts concerning emergency incidents.  Works with environmental contractors to ensure proper and complete mitigation of hazardous materials spills.  Maintains equipment necessary for field monitoring.  Conducts MS4 inspections at industrial and commercial Low Risk Industrial Facilities located in the MS4 and responds to issues involving the MS4.

Financial Analyst

Oversees MSD’s $500 million Commercial Paper (CP) program including documentation, compliance, dealer relationships, maturities and adherence to established procedures. Maintains MSD’s investment portfolio and analyzes results versus market rates. Maintains MSD’s daily cash flow and forecasts cash flow needs.

Fleet Services Supervisor

Supervises the preventive and corrective maintenance of company owned/leased vehicles and equipment.  Supervises the diagnosis of vehicle and equipment system discrepancies.  Operates company vehicles and equipment.  Ensures timely performance of preventive and corrective maintenance on assigned units.  Provides a safe and clean work environment to prevent accidents and health hazards.  Adheres to prescribed EPA/EPD guidelines.   Performs other duties as assigned.

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